Lightening the Load

I am well aware that tidying isn’t glamorous or exciting. None of my life is these days but tidying really isn’t. Sorry. I’ve explained before that I have a tendency to become a little obsessive and evangelical about things, and right now Konmari tidying is definitely my big obsession.

We’ve been doing it for more than a week already, and huge amounts of stuff has left our house. We have sold hundreds of DVDs, and have hundreds of CDs packaged up to sell as well – the courier comes for those tomorrow.


We have taken two entire car loads to the tip,  and taken another car load to the clothes bank. We have done a big delivery to the charity shop and have another one packed and ready to go. I have handed down a bag of kids clothes, and have a friend coming to pick up hundreds of books for her charity stall tomorrow. I have even given away two unopened bottles of gin. There is still so much left to go, and with each load that leaves the house, I feel lighter.

We are currently in an even worse state of disarray than normal as we empty out cupboards and boxes, sorting through all the possessions we have accrued over our thirty five years on this world.


I can cope ok with this current mess though, as it feels like a means to an end, rather than just the chaotic end that our permanent tip of a house used to be.

I am finding the process exciting and invigorating and motivating. We moved into this house, practically the very moment they had finished building it, and we unpacked our belongings, more or less, with very little thought as to where they were put. As it was newly decorated with blank walls, and we had a time-swallowing toddler, we really didn’t think at all about decorating or putting our own stamp on the place. We kept all our hand-me-down furniture, one of our windows in our bedroom is blacked out with a bit of cardboard, another room has some old bits of material drawing pinned to the wall. All our lights are bare bulbs, and most of the walls have sticky fingers and drawing on.  I’ve found it kind of charming, but I’m ready for a change now! I am ready to try and decide what it is that I like, what I want our house to say about us, other than that we’re messy, what ‘my style’ might be. And that feels really exciting!

I have started working through some of my sentimental items- officially the last stage in the Konmari process, as it’s meant to be the hardest, but I’m feeling empowered to start. It has amazed me some of the things we have held on to for years- a whole bag full of wine corks, books of teenage poetry, shells and rocks, childhood toys, jars of sand from the Gobi Desert, masks, calendars, boxes of letters, loads of band memorabilia, thousands of photographs, ribbons, dried flowers, cards, buttons. The list goes on and on. I won’t tell you which of those I chose to keep, I have definitely kept some of them. This was a keeper!


It has been liberating moving the majority of these things on. Lots of them remind me of wonderful memories, but those memories are mine, inside me, and I don’t need dusty objects being left to fester in the dark to retain them.

Right now I am excited for the future. For a bright, uncluttered house with the things I have actively chosen. For a life with less need for things to fill it. For more space for my family to enjoy time together. Surely that’s pretty exciting!




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