Busy bee

The last week has been very busy with visitors, birthdays, and some feverish garden activity.  We are still forging ahead with the Konmari, though that has slowed slightly with the glorious weather recently. It feels too nice to be stuck inside sorting through years of crap, though every day we are making small progresses. I have found this process of shedding my past clutter has really made me excited about the future, and one way that this has manifested itself is becoming obsessed with a new plan to turn our small and boring front garden into a wondrous, bee friendly, cottage garden.

I have spoken before  about my fairly recent love of gardening, and so far this has all been about growing fruits and vegetables, which I have loved. Now though I am going all out on the flowers. My husband loves bees, and my mother actually has hives of bees at the end of the garden. Our plan is to turn a patch of grass with a few fruit trees into one big flower bed, planting only bee friendly plants.

I did a little research, read some books, talked my ideas through with my mum and my husband, and we decided we should go ahead and do it. I think my husband was still a little surprised when he went on the school run, and returned half an hour later to find me and some friends in full blown lawn removal action!!

This pretty much sums up one of the big dichotomies in my marriage. I get super excited about plans and impetuously want to get on with them immediately, like that very second. Planning is really not in my nature at all. Dreaming maybe, but not actual realistic, sensible, planning. My husband is all about the planning. There is nothing he likes more than a good plan, taking into account every possible consequence, sometimes to the point of talking himself out of ever starting. I think it’s a good combination, I create the excitement and impetus to do something, and he manages, sometimes, to prevent the worst of my mistakes.

Bless him though, he has totally got on board with the dream, and has spent all week digging and turning turf, persevering with two super willing ‘helpers’ stealing his tools and trying to undo all his hard work, working through the hot sun and late into the evenings. And now as I approach a run of night shifts we are pretty much ready for the enormous delivery of compost arriving later this week, and hopefully getting some of my purchases from our garden centre visit into the ground at the weekend.

I have chosen only flowers which are good for bees, but otherwise my main decisions have been purely based on emotion. The plants my mother would point out with particular pride on our ritual weekend walks around our garden as a child, their Latin names burnt into my memory. My grandmother also had a wonderful garden which she worked very hard on. She lived in a little Cornish cottage for most of my life, and had the archetypal cottage garden, full of flowers, and many a happy summer holiday was spent sitting in that garden in the sunshine.

I am really hoping to be able to provide some of those memories for the children, sitting in their garden in the sunshine, surrounded by the sights and smells of a beautiful garden, watching the insects exploring. Maybe they will choose to create one for their own children one day. There are worst things to pass down through the generations I guess.

Here are my ideas:


When we have got further on with it I’ll show you how well I managed to turn those into reality.

Its strange, these past few weeks have been far busier than usual, filled with tidying and sorting and gardening, and yet I feel more energised than I have in years. I am full of excitement and positivity for the future. At the beginning of this year I thought that what I needed was more time alone, more peace, more rest. It seems actually that what I needed was a little more purposeful activity maybe?



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