Get back on it

So, I got a little distracted making a garden


and revelling in the outdoor family life with our amazing camping trip


but now I’m being good again and getting well and truly stuck back into our epic Konmari decluttering and house sorting. A whole car load more stuff has gone to the tip, and today a car load to the charity shops. I have introduced myself to the world of local Facebook free giveaway groups and have had quite a lot of my unwanted bulky stuff collected with glee by random local strangers. Until recently a lot of our furniture came free, second-hand from friends and neighbours. Their generosity was invaluable whilst we were setting ourselves up, so it feels right to try and pass that on now that we’re at a point where we can start to actively choose the things that we want. Plus it’s a lot easier giving it away free for collection, than having to lug it out of the house ourselves!!

There has been lots of room rearranging and furniture moving these last few days. My reading room is very slowly making its way from junkyard to useable room where I can make wonderful time for myself. Yesterday I managed to make enough room to finally get my beloved chair in there. Now this is a seriously joy-sparking piece of furniture, a chair I gratuitously nicked off my mum as a ‘nursing chair’ whilst pregnant first time round, and am never, ever giving back. As you can see there is still a way to go until I can sit in it peacefully and read, but every small step gets you further along the path.


Managing to make some strong paint decisions too. Decided to be brave and go for the colour I really love for the reading room, once I finally get it clear enough to actually paint. Being even braver with our front door, once boy wakes from his nap I will be off to buy enough of this glorious orange to paint it this weekend. Will let you know how that goes…


It feels great making these decisions, choosing how I want our lives to be, to feel. I feel positive discarding some of the past, even when that’s a little sad. Every morning I wake up with a whole list of things I want to achieve, and while that’s exhausting at times it feels a whole lot better than waking up, not really knowing what to do, but knowing that it all just feels too much.

The slight downside in this hive of activity is that work, proper paid employment, feels like a massive distraction from what I should be doing. I have definitely found myself neglecting some of my admin that I really should face up to it. I’m just starting to get that little gnaw of anxiety about the backlog I am creating for myself, but managing to just about ignore it for now. I’ll get round to that soon, promise…


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