This week has been a particularly varied week, with some dazzling highs and plummeting lows. We’ve had family visiting, which has been wonderful. I never get tired of watching my kids happily playing with their cousins, and despite not seeing these cousins for two years it was instantly like they were all best friends. Particularly loved the pride with which my little girl showed them round the garden, sharing all her favourite spots to hide and get up to mischief. They were all climbing over the wall and making a break for freedom within minutes. We’ve had a couple of gorgeous days out with them. Days of adventure and fun, like I remember my summer holidays as a child. Days of throwing themselves down slides, upside down and backwards, rolling down hills, building dens, tractor rides and toasting marshmallows.

There have been lots of scraped knees, bramble scratches, nettle stings, a cut foot, and a bloody-faced knocked out tooth. Generally they have all been got over very quickly, though my boy has been using it as an excuse to be up even more than usual.


Then there have been the other days. The days without the cousins around for entertainment. The days where me and Daddy have been up multiple times through the night with a little boy coughing until he’s sick. The days where we have had absolutely no patience or tolerance. Days where shouting has been my first response in most situations, where the children have been incapable of co-operating or compromising over even the smallest little thing. There have been days where we have finally collapsed into bed after they have taken hours to get to sleep, utterly broken and exhausted, and said “let’s never, ever speak of this day again.”

But we are half way through our first ever attempt at a summer holiday. We have hopefully stored up some magical memories, and a few to forget. We have lots of exciting plans ahead in the next few weeks, including visits from more cousins, and various grandparents, day trips and overnight stays, and hopefully lots of quiet moments at home too. I have been cherishing my little moments, sat on the bench in the front garden, drinking tea a watching the bees. I am also, very slowly, getting my reading room closer to being finished, ready to be my special little corner amongst the chaos once the holidays are over and the days get colder.

And right now? Right now they are practicing the art of indoor dens. And while I sit in bed writing this I can hear (and smell) them eating cheese and onion crisps, safe in their own little world. That will do for now. That will definitely do.


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