Day off today, in the middle of a tricky run of shifts. Managed to have a pretty slow day with some of my favourite things.


Going to Waitrose still feels like a decadent luxury, as the first one in the county only opened a few months ago. I managed to be pretty restrained, but couldn’t resist buying some liver for a dinner of liver, bacon and onions tonight. I can’t remember the last time I ate liver, probably before I was pregnant with the boy, but I saw it and desperately wanted some. Maybe it’s my body telling me I could do with some extra iron, been feeling tired to my bones this last month or so, despite the children finally getting some sleep.

There have been showers all day, with beautiful sunny spells between- the perfect weather for weeding. After a run of horrid shifts and a week away, I have been missing my garden terribly. It felt so good getting my hands muddy and clearing through some of the annuals which were looking worse for wear. The garden is definitely looking a bit brown and droopy around the edges, but I still can’t quite believe how far it has come in just one summer!


Didn’t quite find the time to deal with the carpet of fallen leaves in the back garden. That will have to wait till my next day off.


I can’t even begin to say how much I love being out in the garden, hands in the dirt, trying to nurture my plants. I love how it is a constant process, even though this year has been particularly work intense, there will always be something that needs doing, a new plant to find space for, a new flower that delights. I may not be motivated to go running or sweat in the gym, but I love digging and raking and carting heaps of manure.

I have definitely continued my descent from the energy filled, motivated, forward thinking joy of the early summer. Feeling pretty sluggish and slow-moving/slow-thinking, and finding those waves of overwhelm are more constant than they felt when the days were light and long. I have booked myself my first reiki session in months, really hoping that might help me get back on track.

We planted our quince tree three years ago, and had our first harvest of four precious quinces. They have been ripening in our kitchen for the past two weeks, smelling gloriously sherberty, until we decided today was the historic day to cook them. We baked them slowly with masala, sugar, butter and star anise. I was so excited about trying them.

Shame they were horrible. We were making the recipe up as we went along, and they were tough and dried out and grainy, with an overwhelming flavour of aniseed. Guess we have to wait another year to try and improve our technique, so fingers crossed for a bigger harvest next time round.

Four tough shifts lie ahead of me, then recovery time. After that though, well maybe it’s about time to start thinking about the C word.



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