Day One

Don’t worry, I’m not going to bore you with a day by day update of my progress, but today has definitely felt like good progress from my good intentions of yesterday.

Started with some exercise, walking the school run for a change, just me and my girl chatting about all the reasons we were excited about Christmas. She can be a total grump when we force her to walk, but today was a lovely walk.

Follow that up with a bit of baking – chocolate and strawberry cake, wheat and dairy free for our coeliac guest, with the secret ingredient of red kidney beans!! Healthy and looking yummy.


It was was a beautiful sunny, crispy day, so we all got outside. I pruned the last of the fruit trees whilst everyone else raked leaves. Also harvested some of our medlars from the pruned branches, though there are still loads on the tree to fully ripen. I still need to find some more medlar recipes, keen to try one for sticky toffee pudding using medlars instead of dates. Sounds good, but then so did my rubbish quince recipe!

One of my absolute favourite lunches, perfectly ripe Cornish Brie with warm, crunchy, crusty bread, and the Radio Times.


Today seemed like a good day to bring out my YesMum positive affirmation cards after neglecting them for months. Today’s was a good reminder – need to try to not get too carried away with my positive changes, keep it small, I don’t need to suddenly have the perfect life.


I did manage ten minutes of mindfulness meditation too, which was hugely appreciated. It was even more appreciated for being sat in my favourite nostalgic chair in our reading room which we have finally (more or less) cleared out after being the main dumping ground ever since we moved house.


I even received an email from HR man, saying that not only did he agree I’d work much more than my allocated hours, but actually according to his calculations it was even more than I’d thought. He’d copied the boss man who controls the cash into the email, and promised to get it sorted out for me, and to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Now that is a huge step forward!

Only one big task left for today. As of this morning, I have come to suspect we may be facing our first close encounter of the headlouse kind. I’m not certain, but I’m sure I saw some suspicious beasties in my daughter’s hair today. So tonight we are attempting the nit comb!! Dun dun duuuhhhh…  Washing, brushing, tying back my daughter’s hair, all a total nightmare, she hates anybody going near it, so I think I’m going to need some luck with this. With my new found positive outlook though I’m trying to make into a nice experience. I’ve cracked out the scented candles, going to put some relaxing crystals and lavender oil in the bath, and have Harry Potter audiobook on the iPod. I’ll let you know how it goes…


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