I am a big fan of crystals. I have quite a collection of them that I love, and my collection of crystal jewellery is kind of getting out of hand now, but I’m ok with that.


It stemmed from the weeks just before I started working as a junior doctor. In the short break between finishing uni and starting work I’d come home for a bit of respite.  My Mum took me for lunch at my favourite cafe at Glastonbury, and it being Glastonbury, the world centre of all things hippy, we got tempted into a crystal shop. Mum bought me three or four that chimed with my situation, and at the end of the holiday they came back with me to my new home in doctor’s accommodation.

When I realised my registrar was one of the meanest women I’ve ever met, that every day I was expected to do things that terrified me, that if I asked a question I got laughed at or criticised, well I started choosing a crystal every morning to put in my pocket for the day. When my registrar responded to me with scorn I would give that crystal a little squeeze. As I psyched myself up to make a difficult phone call I would run the crystal through my fingers and rub the smooth surface, feeling it get warmer the more I held it. When I think of that time, which apart from having a baby, was the steepest learning curve, the biggest challenge of my life up to that point, I think of those crystals in my pocket and how much comfort they brought me.

As a doctor I’m trained to analyse research and follow evidence based medicine. At the same time, the longer I do my job, the more I appreciate that there are many things that our current medical knowledge can’t explain, and how much psychological aspects impacts on a person’s wellbeing. I don’t know enough about the theory of crystal healing to judge. All I know is that I like having them, and I find them a useful element in the process of trying to care for myself a little better.

Crystals are a regular part of family life now. Both children have worn Amber necklaces, and whatever the science behind these, they have both had a remarkably easy time with their teeth. They ask for a crystal in their drinking water, along with a drop of rescue remedy when they’re having a hard time, and this is always part of my recovery routine after a night shift, or (chance would be a fine thing) a big night out. During our recent nit-combing sessions (which thankfully seem to be coming to an end for now) we have put calming crystals in the bath, with some lavender oil, and my daughter chooses one to hold. During her rages, which seem to be getting more frequent again, I will often put a crystal in her hand whilst she calms down. They even occasionally get made into crystal soup, my boy’s favourite cooking activity!


I have been having a bit of a low patch recently, so I asked the lovely Iris Bluebird to make me a special custom necklace. I have bought the children’s amber from her, and a whole collection of crystal jewellery for myself. I explained how frazzled I’d been feeling and how I was definitely in need of a little extra motivation, enthusiasm and general sparkle in my life. She spent ages talking through the choice of crystals which might help and ordering in some specially, and eventually made me this fabulous necklace.


I think this photo clearly shows how lacking in sparkle I’m feeling!! The necklace only arrived yesterday though, and in combination with trying to take time out for little bits of meditation, my reiki, positive affirmation cards, more blogging, baking, gardening, and actually trying to read a book, these all come together to me trying to focus more on ways to look after myself, whilst looking after two little people and working full time. None of these things are a quick fix, but I’m definitely feeling better just by being more proactive about it, rather than feeling sorry for myself and overwhelmed by life. I don’t find it easy being a Mum to young children but I’m grateful for anything that makes it feel just that little bit easier!




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