My daughter has recently discovered the CBeebies computer games, really easy games requiring one button, or using the touch screen. She’s not really used other computer games before, so this is pretty new to her. Our computer isn’t the fastest, and the touch screen isn’t the fanciest, so it often  freezes or refuses to do what she wants. Her response to this is often to shout, or cry, and occasionally to hit the screen. I totally empathise. That was always my general response to computer games too. It’s hard seeing her get so frustrated, and it’s hard to know whether to let her keep going, getting more and more stressed out, or take the computer away and distract her with something else. I’m inclined to think we let her keep going, I mean how else will she learn how to do them, but it often ends badly.

I think it’s really hard to deal with your plans and expectations all going tits-up, but since becoming a parent it’s become a case of almost daily practice for me. Not sure I’m really much better at it, but I’m definitely practicing.

Today was supposed to be one of my favourite events of the Christmas calendar, where we have all my cousins and family round for a fabulous vegetarian feast. In order to try and reduce the stress factor this year, I’ve been preparing in advance. All the food was either made, or fully prepped and ready to pop in the oven. The house was looking the tidiest it had in months, and I’d even managed a bit of decorating.


So it’s just typical that the rest of the house have been struck down with some form of gastroenteritis. I was up all night with my poor puking boy rushing to the bathroom every twenty minutes. So far I am spared, but that may all change at any moment.

Now, after several days of non-stop rain, there is the most beautiful sunny day out there. If my festive family meal had to be cancelled, I would have at least liked to be doing some Christmas adventuring in this gorgeous weather. But instead we are watching Arthur Christmas in our pyjamas.

Once again plans have fallen through and I will have to deal with the frustration. Whilst eating my way through a whole load of veggie food over the next few days!



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