Festivities and fedges

News in brief, our early Christmas was lovely. None of us ended up in tears on the kitchen floor. Maybe my plan of lowering expectations worked, maybe we were just lucky. Our Solstice/Christmas Eve celebrations went well, though not entirely to plan. I managed, more or less, to go with the flow though…

A late evening watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, by candlelight with hot chocolate and popcorn, meant that they didn’t wake up at the crack of dawn as I had expected!

Lazy present opening, with lengthy pauses to play with the toys as they were unwrapped, and enough Lego to spend the rest of our lives stepping on it and looking for that random one piece that is absolutely essential, head torch on, under the sofa.

Even dinner was a success, kids eating still in their Christmas PJs which we let them keep on all day.

Since then I’ve had a set of Christmas night shifts at work which left me seriously considering my poor career choices! Very glad they’re over!!

Today I’ve been blowing away the cabin fever by a whole day of hard work in the garden. I have constructed my very first fedge, part fence, part hedge, made from live willow. Here is a not-quite before photo (I spent ages pulling up brambles first)

And here is the after.

The willow will grow roots and leaves and fill out beautifully, I hope, leaving our chickens slightly less likely to jump the wall.

It has been wonderful to get gardening again. I have spent the last couple of months seeing jobs that need doing, and then ignoring them in favour of staying inside in the warm and dry. Today the weather was pretty good, and definitely encouraged me to get working. It was particularly motivating seeing some of my bulbs emerging. I planted hundreds in October, and finding that they’ve survived filled me with joy.


Hope you’ve all had a lovely time with your families, x


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