Toddlerwearing to the Rescue

imageI grew to love baby wearing with my original velcro baby. It meant survival in what I found to be a desperately difficult time. When my second child was born I didn’t really think twice about it, of course I was going to use slings! Over and over again a sling has come to the rescue, with grumpy children, ill children, teething, sad, tired children, and even children who have got their only clothes soaking wet and filthy and I somehow have to get them home, half naked!

Tonight a sling saved dinner. Usually my husband does the majority of the cooking, because he loves it, and because he’s more likely to not have two children climbing over him. Tonight, I was desperate to try out a new curry recipe, but my very tired, sad, tearful toddler was not about to give me the chance without a full blown meltdown.

I asked him if he wanted to go in the sling, and straightaway he ran to the cupboard, got one out, and wrapped it around himself, shouting “up up”. As soon as he was on my back he was happy. And I made dinner so I was happy. Win win!


Smelling the spices


Playing with my fabulous baby wearing necklace.


With our curry cooking!

It made cooking dinner a pleasure. Didn’t mean my daughter agreed to try any of it, or eat something healthier than poppodoms and digestive biscuits, but you can’t win them all!


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