Goodbye rain

These last few weeks my mood seems to be entirely related to the levels of rainfall. Yesterday was apocalyptic, with our whole garden turning into a lake and our poor chickens looking very sad about their new watery home. Today, despite a few sun-filled showers, it has been essentially dry and bright outside, and I have similarly felt optimistic, motivated and energised.

The weekend before last the family joined in with the RSPBs big garden bird watch. When I say family it was essentially me and my husband keeping eyes fixed out of the two windows overlooking the two gardens while the kids played Lego and occasionally came and peered uninterestedly as a magpie flew away. I absolutely loved it though and have since found myself whiling away my time staring out of the window, keen for another look at the family of long tailed tits fluttering around the bare branches of the hawthorn, snaffling the few remaining berries. I have put loads more feeders and food out for them now, keen to encourage them in, if only so I can watch them. I have even dragged out a free pair of binoculars we got from the National Trust years ago, now I just need to work out how to focus them! I am writing this sat out on the front step with the sun on my face, and tea in my hand, and I can hear the birds all around me, even if I can’t see them hiding.


From my viewing station up in the sitting room I have seen them tucking into the food I’ve put out, hopping around our fabulous trees, and most excitedly today, drinking from our new wildlife pond.


Makes it feel worthwhile. The next plan is to build an underground frog nest next to it to encourage some hoppy visitors. Got an exciting delivery today of a beautiful Japanese Maple to give the frogs some beautiful shade come the summer.

Also included in the delivery was the basis of my next big project, two roses and a clematis to grow up my enormous, ugly, shady back wall. First I have to tackle the terrible waterlogged clay in that spot, and get a friend over with his super drill to get something up for them to climb. Keeping my fingers firmly crossed that my plans to hide the eyesore work out, but they may well drown so keep your fingers crossed for me!

In non-garden related news I am actually going out-out this week!! Big news. Off out with two lovely ladies for dinner and a theatre trip. So excited about this, can already taste the cocktails I’m planning to order! Also, equally newsworthy, is that my stormy daughter seems to have turned into a little beam of sunshine as spring approaches. I can barely remember the last tantrum, she is following rules, being kind, generous and fun with her little brother, and seeming really settled in herself. It has been such a wonderful change. There have been some big questions and hard conversations to have. Last nights was an indepth chat about the holocaust, how everybody I’ve known has died, and whether I believe in heaven. It’s hard to know, but think I answered to her satisfaction, for now… She has also started swimming lessons, and loving them, and for the first time ever went out for the evening with a friend and his mum, without us!! This is a huge leap forward, she had an amazing time, and won second prize in the Harry Potter quiz they went to.

Obviously the boy is giving us a hard time instead, having a very whingey and clingy phase which is pretty exhausting, but I’m sure he’ll catch up with the sunshine soon!

Hope you’re all enjoying these first signs of Spring arriving as much as I am. It’s all up from here!!




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