I know I moaned, quite a lot, about all the bloggers and instagrammers raving on about how amazing and wonderful and beautiful Autumn is, and each to their own, but seriously! SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I just cannot possibly begin to even express in words how much I absolutely adore this time of year. It is just complete magic. Every day (to be fair usually in the rain these past few weeks) I take a little walk outside, carefully observing and mentally logging the changes, looking for those bulbs poking through the soil, the clusters of tiny green leaves emerging from what looks like dead sticks of last year’s plants, the magnolia flowers emerging from their furry buds and the blossom emerging on the fruit trees. I adore the way that the tiny new leaves on the trees literally glow with the most perfect green. And that spring sunshine when it finally does appear feels like it’s warming my skin, and underneath, my blood back to real life, not that miserable half-life hibernation of winter. 

I am not a hot weather person. I am pale and pasty and have to retreat to the shade like a vampire. I have never had a tan in my life and I feel like I might melt if the temperature creeps beyond the early twenties, but I seriously think I might suffer from SAD as soon as the autumn hits. Having New Year in January is utterly pointless, I have no motivation to do anything except wrap myself in blankets and eat chocolate, but now, well surely right now absolutely anything you have ever dreamed about could surely be possible, maybe?! 

Today the weather is completely wonderful, and actual magic is in the air, from the mating calls of the birdsong, the coconut breeze from the wild gorse, those first, slightly winter-drunk drone from the bees, all of it speaks of genuine magic made into reality that you can touch and hear and smell everywhere. Sadly I am working nights tonight so have had to give in and come to bed to try and get some rest, but talking of magic, tonight will be the first time I have ever worked a night shift where the clocks will go forwards one hour, on my watch. True magic indeed.

Right now I am just so excited for the future that I can barely catch my breath. Soon we will go hunting for Easter Eggs, this year in my mother’s garden for a change, which we are all looking forward to.  Then we have a very special third birthday to celebrate and shortly afterwards my bee garden turns one. I cannot wait to see how beautiful it will be this summer from its humble beginnings of a boring lawn. I long for family memories made in this amazing county we live in, if I can coerce the children to actually get dressed, put the iPad down and get out of the front door every so often without arguing myself into an early grave!!


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