Positive Choices

I am noticing lots of very small changes since I have been trying to make changes in my life, all kicked off by doing the the Supercharged Mission. I have been actively trying to focus on all the choices that I have, every single day, minute by minute. The choice to have a glass of water or a cup of coffee. The choice to have toast or porridge. The choice between scrolling on my phone (still an awful lot of that happening) or read a book. And the glorious thing is that none of those choices are right or wrong, but that moment to moment I get to make them.

I am trying to focus on making positive choices, the ones that feel right at that time. So right now I am on my phone writing this blog post, with a big glass of water and a cup of coffee next to me, and when I am done I plan to spend a little time reading my book, and maybe even trying out that Pilates video I bought myself for Christmas. Rather than try to cut a whole load of crap out of my life I am trying to focus on positive things I can add into my life, doing more of all those things I love. Today I have done a lot of baking, because I love baking, and I particularly love baking things to give to others, so tonight I will take tins filled with cake to share with my colleagues working the night shift with me. I have obviously taste tested this cake, and licked the bowl after making it because surely that is one of the big joys in life, certainly my life.

After that I retired to bed to get some rest and I actually read my book, and listened to an amazing recording of a lecture by this great woman talking about learning from our failures in life, and coming back stronger. It’s put me in such an optimistic frame of mind for the rest of the day.

I don’t have life figured out, I still get it wrong, constantly, but I am noticing that those little choices, those positive actions, they are making a big change to how I feel. I am learning to recognise the things that make me happy, and just trying to do more of that. So if you get a text from me in the coming months asking you to join me in any of those things that bring me joy, please try to say yes. I’d love to say yes to any invitations from you too!



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